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It's great being able to do what you love. I pride myself on working on projects of all types with many smiles. I'm a seasoned techie guru with an awesome attitude and years of experience. Focused, streamlined, fun and personable. Lets make movie magic!

Specializing in providing motion picture support on projects of all calibers, from commercials, reality television, broadcast television, features, shorts, music videos and industrials. I welcome all scenarios, projects, and styles of shooting with years of jobs in both short, and long form. I work locally throughout the midwest home-based in Chicago, IL. Available at a moments notice nationwide with an extensive roster of the best go-to locals across all departments in most major cities in the midwest.

-Workflow development and management from preproduction to post.
-Work smarter, not harder: DIT preps with your camera team from rental to prep, making your project strong out of the gate. No 'first day' excuses. Start strong, finish stronger.
-Hassle-free wireless video village and / playback for shows and systems of all shapes and sizes.
-Transcode any Codec/Camera into DNXHD or ProRes422, 444, with end of day footage in your hand, post-ready. End of day, guaranteed.
-Have your DP fall in love with my on-set DaVinci color system, LUT creation, and a huge arsenal of essentially every look you can imagine. With thousands of hours behind my monitors, I have the creative and technical covered. Send me a few frames before hire, I'll hit your look before we book the job.
-Free look-consultation, for variety of LUTs on set to show / pitch clients.
-Assemblies / string-outs both single and multi cam. Proficiency in FCP, Avid, and Premiere. Multi-cam live switching with ease.
-Experience in both short form sizzles, commercial, and narrative. Or in long form, features, tv/reality. See your project come to life before you hit the bay.
-Real-time media offload logs to your post team alleviating the worry of data loss and making wrangling data a cakewalk.
-Make your your team happy while they enjoy my monitor's live feed underneath the shaded-pop up tent with Wi-Fi, chairs and playback capabilities.
-Self-sustained power and battery backup making working on-location and remote locations a breeze.
-Quick turnarounds? Integrate a new style of producing to your show. Direct > Shoot > Cut: On Location. With real-time proxies, available instantly, your director and editor can sit on site and edit as fast as the footage is shot.

Rates and packages vary on a project to project basis.

Please reach out anytime:

lassingcamera [at] gmail.com
Tel: 6 3 6 2 0 8 6 1 1 2

I have been in the industry since 2010.

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