James Staples

Alexandria, Virginia

About Me

Seeking a full time position that will utilize my current skill set while providing opportunity
for further professional development.

Self-motivated, quick-learner with a flexible mind, able to execute projects with little or no
supervision, big picture oriented, team-player, well-organized, dependable, responsible and
ethical, natural leader, detail oriented, creative, analytical, intuitive; a refined ability to
synthesize data from a variety of sources to create, support, or refute a position; able to
handle multiple concurrent tasks, and good at conveying dense technical concepts and
realities in accessible and direct language.

Solid practical understanding and ability to operate/manage/troubleshoot internal and
external facing VOIP systems, Data Asset Management platforms, FTP/SFTP/file-sharing
processes, Remote Desktop Support, VTC, webcasting, and storage allocation and
management in small to large scale network environments. Extremely experienced with file
conversion and transcoding – text, audio, and video – for web, print, and other applications.
Attended INFOCOMM 2012 and obtained CTS certification. Currently studying for CTS-D
examination. Experienced graphic designer, web designer, photographer, scoring, seasoned
audio engineer, video engineer, camera operator, videographer, technical director, music
producer, custom web portal development; comfortable bench testing and
repairing/modifying AV hardware and software including PC, Apple, and proprietary
workstations in networked and field-based environments. Modern business standard office
and reception skills.

I have been in the industry since 2000.

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