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MASSIVE MATTER is a creative agency focused on the representation, promotion and management of contributors to modern youth culture. Our team collaborates with companies and individuals engaged in the fields of fashion, music, film, sport and art. We have the unique ability and inside perspectives to provide creative insight into the current market and where it is heading to help our clients become true icons of their generation. MASSIVE MATTER is available for creative consulting needs, from special project development to promotion of individuals and companies through carefully crafted media. Our creative team tailors directly to fit the clients needs to promote their image and commercial viability. We have successfully collaborated with our clients to energize their advertising and marketing strategies.

We have been in the industry since 2010.

Added on 3/4/2014


I worked with the MASSIVE MATTER guys on a few projects this year. We had the opportunity to collaborate with the whole team to create unique ad campaigns. They hand tailored several projects with us, ahead of schedule and even under budget. I am seriously looking forward to working on our next project with the team this winter.

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