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Miami, Florida


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I'm a Miami location sound recordist who will capture terrific tracks for your interview, commercial, documentary, reality show or web video. With more than 30 years telling compelling stories, I’m a complete team member with a keen eye for production and a sharp ear for sound.

And as a field recordist I’ve recorded the sounds of Everglades pig frogs from a kayak, the staccato dominoes of ethnic Miami and the melodic chanting of Buddhist monks in Tibet.

In recent months I've recorded sound for:

Documentary filmmakers Kiran Deol (Sundance Take Five), Tod Lending (Legacy), Alison Layman (Ai Weiwei, Never Sorry) and Lee Hirsch (Bully)

Interviews with Serena Williams, Andy Murray & French Rapper Booba

Webcasts live for The Cooking Channel & Abbot Laboratories

Voice Over with actor Andy Garcia & quarterback Dan Marino for FOX Sports

Corporations Bacardi, Carnegie Hall, Heineken, Mercedes Benz, MetLife, Nike, Red Bull, U.S. Coast Guard, Visit Florida, Verizon

I'm currently operating with the Sound Devices SD 633 6 channel, ten-track mixer/recorder, Lectrosonics L Series wireless, Sennheiser MKH60 and MKH8050 mics, Tram & Countryman lavs, and Denekce & Moze Gear time code.

I have been in the industry since 2009.


Added on 4/9/2017

The Art of Slow - Zacapa Rum

Fusion may not be a fashionable term, but Cesar Zapata doesn’t shy away from it, combining Vietnamese and Cajun flavours. In the melting pot of Miami, he seeks out the freshest ingredients and heads…

Video Logo 04:42
The Art of Slow - Zacapa Rum
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Tennis Player Andy Murray Meets Miami Heat's Luol Deng
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Verizon App Challenge
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Local Flight Season Two


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Sound Devices 633 6-channel 10-track recorder w. time code Lectrosonics L Series Transmitter (4), LR & SRc Receivers Sennheiser MKH 60 shotgun Sennheiser MKH 8050 Hyper Cardioid Tram TR 50 Lavaliers Black(4), White (1) Audio Devices 20' ENG Break Away Cable Countryman B6 ultra minature lav microphone Comtek Wireless Personal Monitoring M-216 Option P7 Transmitter & PR-216 Receiver (2) Sound Devices Mix Pre D Two Channel Mixer Sennheiser G3 B Band Wireless (4) Denecke TS-C time code slate Moze Gear Tig Q 28 miniature time code generator (2) Rycote Windshield Kit 4 & 6, Connbox & suspension K-Tek K-152CCR Klasic 12' 8" boom pole, K-Tek KE-89CCR compact


I worked with Tom before and I can certainly recommend him. His professionalism and no nonsense attitude is a huge plus on top of his superb audio recordings.

Vincent DeVries