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Seeing the world 60 frames at a time. Nothing could have better prepared me for the unpredictable challenges of production than spening over a decade in the dynamic environment of live news production. During that time I have worked for CNN, ESPN, Late Night with David Letterman, Fox News, The X-Factor and Bloomberg News to name a few.
Keeping my clients happy is my priority, but there is no greater reward than capturing moments and shaping them into compelling content. I am comfortable operating as a one-man-band photographer/ producer or as an essential element of any team. I also am an accomplished editor and designer.

I have been in the industry since 1999.

Cemetery Funeral Bureau Consumer Outreach
Added on 10/8/2015
I shot this video over 5 days in Sacramento's historic Old City Cemetery and along the American River Bike Trail. This was my first foray into predominantly using timelapse with the Kessler Pocket Dolly.

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