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UPDATE: (3) Spider Pods are now available!

UPDATE: TWO (2) Sony FX9s and (1) FX3 in the DP Kit

I'm Steve Marchiarullo - DP, 30' Jimmy Jib Triangle owner/op, gimbal expert, and freelance shooter based in the NJ/NY area. I have been lucky enough to shoot all kinds of live events ranging from broadcast sports, to concerts, large scale corporate productions, and even community cultural shows. When it comes to jibs and camera cranes my goal is to provide clients with excellent service whether it be with pristine skills, creativity, communication, or preparation. I stick with clients every step of the way to help make sure productions run like clockwork.

Past clients have included Pearson, TD Bank, Declan Weir Productions, The Philly Cycling Classic, Rutgers University, Stevens Institute of Technology, UPENN, VER, Time Warner, UFC, InfoQ, ClojureCon, TEDx, Laff Mob, Microsoft, and have had the privilege to film 5 United States Presidents. My extensive production experience involving jibs, crew shooting, story telling, audio engineering and team player attitude lend well to any production regardless of defined roles.

Principle Gear Pieces Owned:
- JIMMY JIB TRIANGLE 30' Reach. Builds in 6, 12, 18, 24, and 30' reaches. Support for cameras up to 50lbs. (3 wheel and 4 wheel dollies)
- Jimmy Jib Lite 18' of reach. Builds in 6, 9, 12, 18' reaches, ability to power rig on battery for 10hrs, cameras up to 20lbs, off road dolly, remote controls for a wide range of camera types. Canon/Fujinon ENG lenses, CINE lenses, and more.
- (2) SONY PXW-FX9 and the ability to crew productions with additional FX9s
- (1) Fujinon Cabrio 19-90 T2.9 (FX9 and Cabrio jib cam kit)
- (1) Sony FX3
- (2) Sony PMW300 with upgraded broadcast lenses.
- 1/2" B4 Canon KH20x6.4
- 2/3" B4 Fujinon HA22x7.8
- 1/2" B4 Fujinon XS13x3.3 Wide angle
- (1) Sony PMW200
- multiple SmallHD monitors (702 Touches and 1303 Daybright)
- Boland 55" BVB 55OLED HD
- Boland 31" 4k Director's Monitor
- Boland 17' BVB Daybright HD monitor
- Sachtler Video 18SB and DV12SB Tripods
- Vinten Vision 250 Tripod and legs
- Lighting and DP Equipment: (3) Litepanels Astra 6x Bi-Color with soft box, (2) Aputure C300D (5600) with Light Storm softboxes, Wescott Matt Lights (5600), IKAN LED Panels (BiColor), Lite Panels Fresnel Kit (5600)
- Live Directing: Black Magic ATEM switcher, Com system, and stream encoders.

We have been in the industry since 2006.

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