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San Francisco, California

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Daniel Armstrong is an audio engineer and hip-hop artist. As an audio engineer and artist for the past seven years he has extensive DAW experience with Pro Tools, Logic, GarageBand and many audio plug-ins.
He started rapping and recording his own music when he was 17-years-old. His friend Jimmie used to have a computer with Sonar 7, a dynamic microphone, and a small Behringer mixer set up in his basement where they used to record. It wasn't a professional set-up, but it was enough to plant the seed of creativity and launch a process that he has become extremely familiar with.
Since that time, he has recorded over a hundred songs using various techniques and effects, refining and strengthening his music producing skills. He has also worked on a few short films during his education at The Art Institute. He was also the Audio Studio assistant at The Art Institute of California - San Francisco, where he helped manage a 48-channel SSL Duality mixing board, booked studio time for students, looked after high-end microphones and outboard gear, and performed daily inventory.

I have been in the industry since 2010.

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