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Adaptable and multi-talented Video Editor offering 9 years of video editing success including organizing assets, assembling raw footage, mixing audio, color correction, motion graphics, visual effects, and adjusting content to align with artistic vision. Experience editing documentaries, shorts, features, television shows, commercials, news broadcasts, events, corporate, and social. Well-practiced in pre-production and production. Demonstrated ability to manage multiple projects and deadlines. Efficient and reliable with a passion for bringing creative projects to fruition. Freelance, agency, and contract experienced.

• Proficient in full Adobe Suite with deep knowledge of Premiere, After Effects, Media Encoder, and Photoshop
• Multi-camera editing, color correction, color grading, motion graphics, and visual effects
• Audio editing, mixing, and sound design
• Storyboards, animatics, visualization, consulting, camera operation, shot composition, and cinematography

Past work: www.StephanieZinnes.com
Full resume: www.Linkedin.com/in/StephanieZinnes/

I have been in the industry since 2013.

Brad "Iceman" Colbert Discusses Life Post Combat and the Transition from Active Duty to Civilian
Added on 9/17/2020
One of the topics Homemade and the related impact campaign explores is the period of transition from Active Duty Military Service to Retirement and Civilian Life. This interview is with Retired USMC Master Sergeant Brad "Ice Man" Colbert. Brad has been a speaker on post-combat stress issues for the Heroes and Healthy Families organization, and in this video he discusses his perspective on the difficulties faced when going from Active Duty to Retirement. Brad is an advisor on the film and was Adam's MSgt. at Fort Benning. He is also known for his platoon's role in and perception of the 2003 invasion of Iraq which was featured in a series of articles in Rolling Stone by Evan Wright and later expanded into the book Generation Kill which was turned into a HBO mini series of the same name in which Colbert was portrayed by Alexander Skarsgård.

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