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I have been editing video and audio in the field of television broadcasting with major Boston TV stations for over 15 years, with a wide range of technical skills and the ability to do just about anything in a studio or in the field.

• Video Editing and Production Experience. I have had exposure to all aspects of television video editing and production, with in-depth knowledge of both pre- and post-production. Emily Rooney’s show “Greater Boston” is an excellent example of my latest involvement, collaborating with writers and producers and combining all the elements of a program to help create an attractive finished package that tells a great story. In addition to all forms of audio and video editing, I have also been a helicopter videographer, ENG producer, and technical director for news programs.

• Team Leader. In addition to being an individual contributor, I have served as a team leader and trainer of my peers for five years now, so I have the interpersonal and technical skills to train and supervise broadcast technicians, or to even lead a crew in editing or producing creative program segments. As a entry-level producer, I know how to collaborate with talent, writers, producers and bookers to produce program segments in a timely and effective manner.

• Personal Skills. I am tireless, highly focused, inventive and dependable. I have worked all shifts, and I am seen by everyone I work with as a lead, the person who anticipates the needs of producers and talent, who asks questions, and who makes it a point of getting the right answers. I pride myself on being able to learn new technical and procedural skills very quickly with a minimum of ramp-up time—I acquired my ACE accreditation on my own and taught myself AVID editing—and I am that person who coolly and quickly reacts to technical problems as they arise and resolves them effectively to “save the show.”

I have been in the industry since 1998.

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