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Experienced Director for Film, Commercial, and Television productions.
I'm well trained both in front of, and behind the camera. My truest connection comes when the talent and I work magic on screen. If you want your production to generate emotion and need your viewers to connect with your content, call me.

As a commercial producer/director I stride to find the truth in the piece I'm working on. My goal (and challenge) is to create an emotional connection even from the most basic piece. If I can't believe it from the ranks of the production then how will anyone else relate to it?

I work on all facets of film making from production to talent to finding the prime location. I'm a stellar negotiator.

I find that if you focus on the end prize, which is the integrity of the project, then the egos subside and we can all do what we were hired to do -- be the craftsmen we were asked to be.

As a director I don't like to hear "I can't" or "that won't work". I insist that the team I work with tell me, "The solution is this..."

I believe in maintaining extreme professionalism while we have fun creating our art.

I don't do anything illegal and if you ask I'm not the right fit for you.
I can think, spell, and be punctual without any gripes or negative energy.
Hire Me for your next production and you will succeed. Evelyn Grzadzinski (AKA) Eve Grey!

Creative Ideas
Relationship Builder
Writing and Verbal Skills
Public Speaking
Organizing and Planning

I have been in the industry since 1965.

Disco Juan
Added on 2/23/2014

A young boy dreams of becoming a famous Disco Dancer in the Hispanic Community. See his progressive life while Chill the Giant performs "Disco Juan".


Producer/Director/Creator – Women Dating Over 50

April, 2017 — October, 2017
Television – TBA


I had the pleasure of working with Eve Grey on car commercial. She was professional, friendly, honest and full of knowledge. I am looking forward to working with her again.

Yajhayra Maria

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