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Monroe, Washington

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I have been immersed in all facets of the special F/X world for over 25 years. My work has taken me across the United States and earned me the privilege to be part of many great films, shorts and photographic ventures.
I do anything from concept design all the way through to fabrication. Trauma simulation makeup to down right beaten to a pulp! prosthetics, cable, and remote controlled animatronic creatures and puppets/props. If you can imagine it, I can sculpt, mold, build, paint and bring it to life....or un-life if thats your fancy. I also recreate cosplay pieces for those wanting to hit the conventions in custom pieces of their favorite monsters, aliens etc.
I love to work for independent/low-budget films and photography shoots; it's a pleasure for me to give the true lovers of the film arts genre the best effects possible to complete their dream.
My passion is to be part of the drama that stirs, or disturbs the soul, and creates an undeniable interplay between audience and screen; EMOTION.
Emotion, whether it be through horror, awe, or plain old disgust; understanding and creating the dynamic of experience through special F/X and keeping the audience transfixed is what I do.
Creating the unforgettable.

I have been in the industry since 1997.

Transfixed F/X Samples
Added on 3/1/2014
This is a quick demo of some of the work I have created for film and photographic ventures. It shows a typical starting point for how I start creating through to a finished fabricated creature and also some other examples of special make-up effects and creations.

Work with Herbie M. Gandy "Transfixed F/X"

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