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45 Main Street, Suite 1002
Brooklyn, New York 11201


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Driven by imagination. Fueled by curiosity. We are Motion Sickness, a creative studio that brings big ideas to life by fusing story with design and VFX. We believe that awesome storytelling demands bold imagination, tenacious R&D, a rockstar team and strong collaboration.

We have been in the industry since 2009.


Added on 1/31/2017

Motion Sickness Montage

Quick compilation of our work.

Video Logo 01:16
Motion Sickness Montage
Video Logo 01:00
Smash Squad
Video Logo 00:30
Operation: New Earth
Video Logo 00:30
The Experiment
Video Logo 00:44
Operation: New Earth VFX Breakdown
Video Logo 01:04
Video Logo 00:30
Music for Every Moment
Video Logo 00:29
Smash Squad VFX Breakdown
Video Logo 01:20
A "Unique" View of the World
Video Logo 00:33
A "Unique" View of the World VFX Breakdown


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