Nidia Carbajal

Glendale, California


About Me

Fluent in English and Spanish with studies in Audiovisual Arts and a bachelors degree in Mass Communication Sciences, she started working in the film industry in 1997.

With participation as Field Producer, Production Coordinator, Translator, on-screen Interpreter, as well as a skilled and experienced AD, for the last 12 years she has worked extensively as a location Fixer, Field Producer, across Mexico and Central America on Advertisements, Music Videos, Reality Shows, Feature Films and TV Documentaries for many of the most important productions companies in the UK , USA, Germany, etc., and for all the main broadcasters (BBC, Nat Geo, Discovery Channel, Channel 4, Travel Channel, etc).

She's always inspired to be involved in any project promoting travel, social studies and anthropology, nature, wildlife or archaeological conservation. As the nature lover, she is, she's licensed as an Open Water Sports Diver licensed in 2014.

At present, she splits residence in between California and Mexico from where she keeps moving all around, looking for projects that call up and show the amazing abilities and things humankind and nature can do.

I have been in the industry since 1997.

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