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I'm a creative, results-driven events manager and producer with over twenty years in live events, video production and writing experience.

I first got interested in live theater when I was about 6 and my mother dragged me to Haddonfield Plays and Players rehearsals so I could turn the music pages for her while she played the rehearsal piano. I fell in love with live performances immediately.

As with many individuals involved in live theater and events, I have a secondary skill set in technical writing and business analysis. This evolved when I first started my career in New York City. I am an inactive Actor's Equity Association (AEA) stage manager. Obviously, I'd always hope that my shows would run for years but the nature of theater is that more plays and musicals fail. During my theatre down-time, I worked as technical writer for Wall Street investment firms and software companies including Merrill Lynch, Lehman Brothers, Goldman Sachs and Davcom.

When I worked at Goldman Sachs in 1993, terrorists attempted to blow up the World Trade Center. I commuted through the WTC from New Jersey and was concerned and, unfortunately right, that terrorists weren't finished with New York City or the Trade Center. My husband and I relocated to Greensboro, North Carolina in 1994 and started a video production company called Athena Visual Communications with a sub-division called Treasured Moments specializing in weddings.

After 911, people across the country started cutting back on marketing and training and we ultimately closed the business and moved to Florida when Universal Studios hired my husband.
Beach Boys Concert I stage managed
While in Florida, I've done a wide variety of projects in both events and technical writing. I have extensive events, concerts, live performances, corporate meetings, conventions and trade shows experience at Walt Disney World, Universal Studios and freelance clients.

My dual career paths have contributed to my development as an innovator; bringing discipline and structure to my entertainment-related projects while introducing collaboration, teamwork, creativity on engineering projects.

At heart, I'm a technology geek, love to use it to transform meeting and event spaces into something otherworldly.

When not working, I like to scuba dive, swim, bake and play MMORPGs (massively multiple online role playing games such as EverQuest and WoW). I've been a rescue scuba diver and a Red Cross Volunteer.

I have been in the industry since 1988.

Demo Reel
Added on 3/4/2014
My company's demo reel from the 1990s.

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