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NYLAHD creates commercial, music video and film content for agencies, commercial companies, brand advertisers, producers and film companies worldwide. NYLAHD can take virtually any creative concept and deliver a finished product within a specified budget and time frame. Whether you are seeking a la carte production resources or a full- fledged production NYLAHD can service virtually any production need 24/7. We take hands on tailored approach with all clients where we assess their needs and find the solution.
We offer in house technical support from camera equipment and resources to color grading, to staffing a commercial or film with the best crew and resources for a given budget. We have worked with some of the biggest names in the entertainment business and come through in clutch situations where producers working under heavy pressure are often unaware that one phone call to us can pretty much fix any situation. We are the workhorse that other companies use to make them look good.

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