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Einsiedlerplatz 14/7
Vienna, Austria 1050

About Us

Oblivioni is an award winning team of talented composers, experienced producers and sound designers, who specialize in producing the highest quality music for advertising, television and film industries.

Oblivioni is an extraordinary music production company with its headquarters in Vienna, Austria.

So, what sets us apart from other music production companies?

We do not cover all music styles and we are primarily focused in the field of commercial Cinematic music and Sound Design or a combination of both. Our network of professional composers was selected with a strong focus on education, experience, musical originality and technical skills. As a result, we have the most talented composers in this genre.

Our flexible working model via internet, allows us faster response and operation with all of our strictly selected composers from around the world. Our professional composers work in their own high-end equipped studios. As a result this working model is quite unique.

Moreover, it allows us to respond to briefs quickly, fast and easy, as well as, provide our clients with top quality work.

With every new project we are particularly inspired and fascinated when it comes about music and picture.

We are forward thinking professionals and we put our passion in every project, from big to small.

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