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Whether you are shooting on location or at our studio, our state-of-the-art facilities for video production have everything you need from pre-production to final edits. We offer high quality, attention-getting results that are designed to meet and achieve the specific goals of each client. Our team of experienced producers and cutting-edge editors consistently meet the needs of any project. Production / Post Production Services / IVR Services / Call Center 24/7 / Closed Captioning -English&Spanish, Web Design, Graphic Design / In House Agency, Script Writing etc.

We have been in the industry since 2003.


Added on 8/11/2014

THC Event

Event Fort Worth Stock Yards Station

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THC Event
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Concierto & Jaripeo
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Metro Furniture The Holidays
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Commercial Spot
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December Super Sale
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Liberty Shoes December Super Sale
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Liberty Shoes
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Paul Esquivel Law Offices
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Family Law
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VB Steak House
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Baileys Furniture Store
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John Salazar's Client - Testimonial Story
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Doña Lencha Restaurants
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Law Firm of John Salazar
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Furniture Store


John Salazar Law Firm ..... (networking, web videos) Dr Danny Davis, Calvary Church California (Infomercial, ph center, media buying, cc WV Grant Ministries (Infomercial, 30 sec spots, IVR services), media buying Woody Martin Ministries, Tennessee (Infomercial, Post Production) Champagne's Luxe Furniture Store (30 sec spots) Debra Georges Ministries / Houston TX (web videos, Infomercial, media buying) Iglesia Camino de Liberacion / Irving TX (Media Buying) Collin Creek Eye Center / Plano TX (production 30 sec spots) Bailey's Furniture Store / Duncanville TX (production 30 sec spot) Robin Davis Ministies / California (graphic design, video production, media buying) Jody Rogers Ministries...... The Voice (Infomercial, IVR services) Dona Lencha Restaurants (Video Production 30 sec spots) Guillermo Chavez & Associates (30 sec spot/ Video Production) Million Dollar Pawn and Gun (30 sec spots production & Agency) Liberty Shoes (30 sec spots video production & Media Buying) Paul Esquivel Immigration Law Firm (30 sec spots/ video production) Nati's Promotions (Video Production & Agency-media buying) Helms Kilgore Attorneys (Networking) Metro Furniture (30 sec spots/ video production) coming soon.... Roxane Guerrero Law Firm (30 sec video production) Mathur Law Offices (Video Production, Media Buying) The New Carnaval Club (Video Production, Media Buying) VB SteakHouse (Video Production) East Buffet (Video Production & Agency -media buying)


AE has worked with our ministry for many years. They do quality professional work and we highly recommend them.

Kathlyn Gonzalez