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Hey my name is Richard Jenkins i am a film maker. I really love the film industry. i am in school for film. I graduate in June 2014 with my film degree I am Also A Atlanta based Celebrity Videographer, Editor and Photographer. Production Assistant, Videographer, Editor, Photographer.

Perseverance gatorade commercial
Added on 4/13/2014
I decided to use a black and white theme while keeping the Gatorade in color to symbolize thirst with Gatorade being the cure. In the beginning of the commercial we decided to open up with the athlete on a treadmill while the camera completes a trucking shot to convey motion. In the third shot we move from a wide shot of the athlete doing reps on a weight bench to a fourth shot of him from the perspective of the weight bar Considering that we've just begun the editing side of the production I haven't had anything that I would have changed as of yet. While filming we made sure that we captured the footage we needed as well plenty of extra footage just in case anything changed during production.

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