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Creation Effects offers After Effects templates for altering, stylizing, or completely destroying your footage! VHS tape effects, digital glitch effects, old film effects, ink bleeds, and lens flares are just some of the effects users can add and customize to give style to their videos. You can also convert your footage to a pen or pencil drawing, oil painting, whiteboard marker, chalkboard drawing, claymation, paper cutouts, halftone printout, charcoal, graffiti, watercolors, and almost any other art medium you can think of.

Our templates serve as a flexible alternative to plug-ins, letting users apply or easily create custom effects procedurally, within After Effects.

We have been in the industry since 2012.

Glitch Effects for After Effects - Demo Video
Added on 4/14/2014
"Creation Glitch Effects" is an After Effects template from Creation Effects, which allows users to add a variety of realistic, custom glitches to their video footage. This is just one of a series of products for completely destroying your footage. On the CreationEffects.com website, you'll also find lens flares, VHS tape effects, old film effects, and more.

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