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Rochester Hills, Michigan

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You don't want to hire me.
I work too hard and do things right on the first try. I don't accept slackers. I don't tolerate cheating or lying.
I don't want to work in your field. Everyone is out to steal ideas and take credit for other people's talents.
And those who aren't stealing are jealous of those who are. And insecure about their own abilities.
Or they're Aspergers and just sit there.

Most people in this field went to a shitty school and picked the easiest major possible: the one they knew they could get through. The one that had the easiest classes.
And then they get out into the field and try to coast through each day doing the least amount possible. And they wonder why it doesn't pay, and they're told "But it'll look great on your resume`!"

Have fun with that.

Meanwhile, I have found the job that demands and rewards in equal amounts. And when I travel, I stay in nice hotels. And i get a per diem that actually covers the costs.
And people say "great job" when it's done, and they mean it because THEY also worked their ass off and did a great job also, and it meant something, and it helped someone.
And nobody is watching to see if Alan steals donuts from the table without putting money in the cup.

I have been in the industry since 1888.

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