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Memorable melodies. World class sound. Tons of live instruments. All license models available: royalty free, annual blanket or per use.

No more searching through thousands of mediocre tracks. Our library is compact, with great variety. And it’s all good.

Spend a fraction more than you pay for typical royalty free music and you get music as good or better than that of the major license libraries.

Our music supervisor, Simon Smart, veteran of Abbey Road studios is available by phone or email to steer you to the music you need.

We also offer Custom Music solutions through our hand-picked team of professionals. each of whom specializes in the genres they’ve mastered.
They’ve scored hundreds of national commercials, films, games, and corporate projects. They’ve proved their ability to deliver to specs and on deadline and to perform the often difficult translation from producers’ visions to notes and sound.

We have been in the industry since 1993.

Manchester Music Demo
Added on 1/4/2012
A composite of clips of our music with animations of our CD covers.

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