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The 22nd Avenue Entertainment Logistics Group, is a collaborative, spanning all disciplines of industry. With HD1 Live operating as our Broadcast/Streaming lead - HD1 has become the growing source for all elements of production within the fast-paced, high-demand delivery of live, multimedia content.

West-Coast based, with the ability to mobilize in over 42 U.S. States within 24 Hours* - we can service the entire process of production - from Staging, Booking, Streaming, Lighting and Sound.

If you can envision it... we can create it.

- Commercial and Film Development/Production
- Conference & Training Video w/ on-site Duplication
- Streaming-On-Demand (Pay-Per-View Sourcing)
- Live/Streaming Broadcast Production
- Mobile Video/Film Production (Including 4k Acquisition)
- Unit Support (Grip, Playback, Auxiliary Feed)
- Mobile Post-Production, Duplication and Distribution
- Flypack and SUV Based Simple-System

We have been in the industry since 2005.

HD1 Services Demo
Added on 4/27/2014
This promotional was edited, narrated, and produced in-house by HD1 for HD1 - as a fun demonstration (bringing together old and new) relating to our Live Production services.

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