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David Jantunen is an audio engineer and video editor with over eight years of experience in the post-production industry.
He also works in mixing and music production, with a special affinity for art rock and world music genres. Using unconventional effects chain techniques, David plays the "oddball producer" that adds that extra icing to the projects of his clientele. The same eccentricity applies to his approach to sound design.

I have been in the industry since 2006.

Forgotten Silver Studios
Added on 10/7/2014
Demo reel for Phoenix-based studio, specializes in audio and video post-production. http://forgottensilverstudios.com


"I have worked often with David Jantunen in music production. David has very tuned ears for hearing what should be in a composition and placing sounds and instruments in very critical places. He truly is one of the few creative engineers that "gets into the head" of an artist and feels what they are trying to portray and makes it happen. David "gets" my music, and he is the only one I would trust with my creative and intellectual property."

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