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Miami based european cinematographer for commercials, features, music videos, documentaries. Extensive Red, 35mm, Super 16mm, HD Experience.
Red Scarlet Owner and Assimilate Scratch Certification

As a cinematographer I love designing moods using light, dark and colors. I like very much bringing the cinematic experience to a next level on the spot. I am especially interested in dramatic lighting, creating atmospheres and frame works. Although I started my career working in 35mm and 16mm, I have lived (or suffered) the change to a digital environment, so I am familiar with film and digital cameras from the beginning of my career to nowadays.

I have been in the industry since 1999.

Show Reel 2016 Andres Garzas Cinematographer
Added on 6/5/2016

Hello everyone. Here's a compilation of my latest work as a cinematographer.…

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