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Professional Movi Gimbal Operator. Currently Texas Based. I am a full time AirStreamer (RV Trailer) and can work nearly anywhere in North America for a much lower cost for long duration projects. Primary Gimbal is the Movi Pro with Ready Rig. I have been perfecting my skill set with Gimbals since they were released several years ago. Ive operated gimbals with a wide variety of cameras including REDs, Arri Alexa mini, Canon Cinema cameras, and many others including small and large builds with all kinds of accessories and even anamorphic lenses. I have a well balanced creative and technical sense. I respond to any technical issues very fast in a calm and confident way. I bring lots of creative to the table and can assist in any long take shot design to add creative production value to any film project.




I am super passionate, kind, determined, self motivated, resourceful and positive minded. I am a team player with much cooperation/collaboration skills and know how to lead when needed as well take direction and follow when needed. I believe in always doing my best, being kind (no matter what), and being open to learning in every moment all while doing the best work we can!

I like to support the director in manifesting their vision in a collaborative way. In addition to great image quality, cooperation and capturing beauty, my goal is tell the story visually, highlight emotions, and to bring the directors vision to life!

My ultimate goal and vision as a filmmaker is to create inspirational and positive minded content that inspires people to tap more into their full potential aka conscious films, inspirational films, spiritual films, and positive media. That is what Im working towards along this amazing journey as a full time filmmaker. I love people, nature and this abundant universe and want to shine the light on the great things and stimulate people to make the most of it.

(The Gimbal is similar to a Steadicam. The Gimbal is essentially the evolution of a Steadicam. They are two different tools with different capabilities. The Steadicam still holds it place. However the Gimbal does allow for specific moves that are not possible with a steadicam. Also the Gimbal can be mounted to jibs, cars, cranes, helicopters, vehicles, etc with or with out an operator attached. The gimbal can be operated very similar to a steadicam, and also can be mounted to a moving device then controlled remotely making it much more versatile such as putting me and the gimbal in a van, on a cart, on a hover board, etc.

I look forward to connecting and learning more about your projects! Thanks for checking out my profile!

Much Love,
Scott Hilburn

I have been in the industry since 2010.

2017 Cinematography Reel - Scott Hilburn DP/Gimbal/Camera Op - Valid Passport
Added on 3/4/2017

Director of Photography / Camera Operator / Gimbal Operator Documentary / Narrative/ Commercial / TV Valid Passport Well Rounded and good with Run and Gun style and know how to get detailed with…


Scott's presence is so vital and caring! He communicates clearly, follows through precisely, and puts forth so much positive supportive energy! We recently worked together bringing forth a music video I directed, and I loved collaborating with him. His joy for life shows up in his creativity behind the camera.


I've worked with Scott for a few years now. He's by far the most reliable individual I've come across, and he's really good at everything video production related. We've worked on countless projects by now, but Scott just did the Cinematography for my latest film called Splatter. He's got a great creative eye, he's worked with tons of different rigs, and he's the hardest working person on set every time. Traveling is not a problem for Scott and it's nice he's between Saint Louis and Chicago. He very much enjoys taking advantage of that since he's based in Urbana/Champaign.

Cole Hieronymus

Scott and his team shot the interviews for our VisionLink video last week, wow was I impressed. They were on location early, setup and ready to go. Their equipment was all professional grade, his team very complete and competent, right down to the makeup artist. Scott lead the shoot with the utmost professionalism and style, both getting the job done and making the folks on camera feel at ease so that could do their best. Thank you Scott and his awesome team, we definitely plan to use you again!

Jim Zimmerman

I have had the privilege to work with Scott on some small projects and have seen his creative capabilities. He strives for perfection and is abundant with talent and energy. He continues to expand his capabilities and the talent gathered together with Pranayama Productions, I believe, will make any project a success.

John Orton

Scott is great to work with! Very reliable and professional with amazing results.

Jennifer Straub

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