Matheus Fiuza

Centerville, Massachusetts

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In my role as a designer, I must see the world through the eyes of the storyteller. I must understand the psychology and intention of the characters in their situations not just the surface truth.

My process starts with research to better understand the nuances of the story being told.

In researching architecture and art, I am cautious. I believe every story and idea must service society today.

I explore textures, materials and techniques, experimenting with various adhesives and compounds including testing textures under stage lights. I develop the textures from found materials or leftovers from previous productions. This sustainable approach came first from dealing with low budgets and I now find this process helps my work to feel complete and honest.

Call me “naive,” but I believe the world can get better. I believe I am part of making it better by creating these believable, but imaginary, worlds.


Matheus Fiuza

I have been in the industry since 2011.

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