Natasha Greendyk

New York, New York

About Me

Passionate about traveling, social justice and the arts, I am a well-rounded individual that is excited to see what is in the next chapter of my life. I have received two degrees in the Bachelor of Science in both Journalism and Public Relations from Appalachian State University in May 2014. As a double major, I have undertaken many courses that help me to better understand the communications industry. I want to combine my passion for learning with my skill sets to help make the world a better place then I will leave it.
My life tends to be centered around the question, "What can I do?" I am curious about the world and get easily involved in multipurpose nonprofits. Some of my personal accomplishments include being a recipient of the Citizen Scholar award through Appalachian State University, co-founding an Invisible Children club at Appalachian State, co-leading the university's Social Justice Coffee Hours once a month, and helping to raise more than $26 thousand for a local nonprofit organization in one event. I have also produced and am in the process of editing a documentary called "Untold." It covers the work of the nonprofit, Hope Grows, in the small village of Wadupe, South Sudan.

I have been in the industry since 2014.

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