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Experienced 1st AC based in Los Angeles. Proficient in the following digital & film formats: Arri Alexa, Red Epic, Red Scarlet, Sony F65, Arri 435 35mm, Arri SR II, MovieCam

1st Assistant Camera 2015
NFL Films Presents
Stephen Andrich
Arri Amira Standard Cinema Package/Bundle

1st Assistant Camera 2015
Volvo Commercial
Red Epic | CP2's
Red Epic, Preston Fiz Unit, Standard Cinema Bundle
DoP: TJ Williams Jr

1st Assistant Camera 2014
Dead Body Film LLC | Feature Film
Arri Alexa | Zeiss Super Speeds
Standard Camera Package
DoP: Jacob Rosen

1st Assistant Camera 2014
Google | Promotional Advertisment
Sony F3 Camera W/Raw Recorder | Ziess Super Speeds
Standard Cinema Package
Producer Gabe Medina

1st Assistant Camera 2014
Mars Hill Church | Dustin Kensure “It’s Not Enough” | Producer: Brandon Eckhardt | Director of Photography: John Raines | Equipment: Red Epic X with standard support package

1st Assistant Camera 2011
5th Street | Feature Film
2011 | 5th Street Film LLC
Producer: Eric Martiniez UPM: Aya Nako
Director: Alex Meader Director of Photography: Connor Hair Equipment: Red One MX Body, Nikon Primes

1st Assistant Camera 2011
Halcyon | Feature Film
2011 | Halcyon Film LLC
Producer: Ashley Haglund | Director Mckenzie Haglund
Director of Photography: David Patino | "A" Cam Op: Coty James "B" Cam Op: Alan Certeza
Equipment: Red Epic, Ziess Super Speeds

2nd Assistant Camera 2009
Water Tale | Short Film
2009 | Violet Films LLC
Producer: SJ Chiro | Director SJ Chiro
Director of Photography: Benjamin Kasulke | 1st Assistant: Jason Knoll Equipment: RED ONE, Ziess Prime

Camera PA 2009
5 Dollar Cover | Web-Episodically
MTV | Producer: Craig Brewer | Director Lynn Shelton
Director of Photography: Ben Kasulke | 1st AC A Cam: Jason Knoll 2nd AC B Cam: Coty James
Equipment: EX3's, Fujinon Zoom Lenses

Other Related Experience:

Product Manager/Quality Control Manager:
Division Camera Hollywood, CA
- Manager of all Professional Cinema Camera Equipment technicians
- Explained and gave mini seminars for all equipment to clients
- Small repairs

Camera Prep
Oppenheimer Cine Rental LLC Seattle, WA --- 2011-2012
• Provided outstanding customer service to Assistant Cameramen for each assigned rental job
• Develop a knowledge and understanding of cameras and associated equipment and
supplies used in the film and digital rental industry
• Ensure that the appropriate cameras, associated camera equipment, and supplies are
gathered, organized, and fully operating for each assigned rental job
• Coordinate with the Rentals Department to ensure that any sub-rentals required for each
assigned rental job are requested timely
• Notify the Rentals Department of any changes to the Pull (Order) sheet
• Coordinate with the Camera Service Department to ensure that the cameras, associated
camera equipment, and supplies are serviced and completed prior to the assigned
preparation with the client
• Communicate effectively with the Floor Supervisor or Operations Manager regarding any
equipment shortages required to complete a rental job
• Coordinate with the Shipping and Receiving Department to ensure that the cameras,
associated camera equipment, and supplies needed have already been properly returned and serviced prior to pulling the equipment required for the assigned rental job

Studio & Equipment Coordinator
Mars Hill Church
Seattle, WA --- 2013-2014
• Primary and immediate manager of camera and lighting production equipment and studio space for the media and communications team.
• Assisted in defining procedural processes within the live capture team.
• Created and oversaw the implementation of an internal equipment department that oversaw
equipment requests, pick-ups, & returns.
• Trained new hires, volunteer's in the basics of camera operation\cinematography
principles\equipment care.
• Managed and executed the auctioning of used camera equipment for the highest bid.
• Assisted in administrative bookkeeping. On site technician for all technical troubleshooting

I have been in the industry since 2007.

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