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I am a very determined and ambitious young man that intends to become a successful filmmaker. I have done standup comedy around the Chicago area and signed with Big Mouth Talent Agency in 2013. I am very charismatic and not afraid to put in the effort/hard work for what i want. Networking and displaying leadership skills, as well as teamwork in the film industry is my number one priority.

I have been in the industry since 2012.

Studio Reel
Added on 5/29/2014
Dennis - A quirky young man with no shame. He's definitely not the coolest kid, in fact the cool kids even pick on him from time to time, but he doesn't care. He's comfortable with his nerdiness. He is who he is. He is in love with a girl named Vicki. She is a very smart young girl who looks down her nose at other kids who don't meet her standards. Kids like Dennis. Vicki views Dennis as a human gnat. He constantly badgers her for dates and she always shuts him down, but he doesn't care. He'll do anything to take her to the dance. In this scene we see Dennis convince Vicki to go to the dance with him but not until she lays down a few ground rules first.

Work with Iyan Leol

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