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Matt Kollar is a film composer and all around suspender wearer best known for his original score in Bobcat Goldthwait's "God Bless America" (2012).

A multi-instrumentalist who has played music and composed music most of his life for his films and others scored his first major motion picture with "God Bless America" (2012) and has been making his own movies and scoring those as well as friends and other professionals pictures over the last couple of years including Charles Pieper's "Last Remnants" (2013), Bobcat Goldthwait's Willow Creek (2013) and a host of his own movies for the production company Kollar runs with partner Colin Walker, "Space Barbarians Productions".

“Matt Kollar’s bittersweet, yet haunting music helps keep the film in a sort-of atmospheric limbo... Kollar manages to play to this strength with an even-keeled soundtrack that could have been tricky to pull off in less-skilled hands.”
— Beyond the Marquee on "God Bless America"
“Matt Kollar’s excellent score, which features almost hymn-like organ arrangements that provide a somber background for the onscreen chaos.”
— Bluray.com on "God Bless America"
“From the way it’s shot to the way it’s scored by newcomer Matt Kollar, God Bless America far outperforms its very modest budget.”
— Film School Rejects on "God Bless America"
“There are many more thought provoking references all during the film, enhanced by Stonesiferas’s tense cinematography and Matt Kollar’s musical score”
— Blog Critics.org on "God bless America"

I have been in the industry since 2009.

Matt Kollar's Composer Reel
Added on 6/4/2014
mattkollarfilmcomposer.com/ Matt Kollar's 2014 Composer Reel, featuring tunes from Bobcat Goldthwait's "God Bless America", Charles Pieper's "Last Remnants", the "Welcome to Yggdrasil" concept trailer and a host of other projects.

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