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Anchorage, Alaska

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I am a 3D Animation Generalist with a BS degree in Animation. Grew up in Anchorage Alaska, I have had plenty of time to absorb the outdoors in the short summers and soak in as many films as I could during the long dark winters. Not just for entertainment, but as a tool for learning. The next step was obvious, work in film/television. So here I am, moving to LA the center for film/television.

3D Generalist Reel
Added on 6/4/2014
A. Keplinger Demo Reel Breakdown 00:00 Title Cards • Created in After Effects using the 3D world option 00:03 Foyer Table • 20 hours from concept to finished scene using a mix of rotate curves and box modeling in Maya. Textures and shaders are a combination of preset and Photoshop painting. The lamp shade is a vector drawing I put together in Photoshop. I also did the lighting 00:30 Glass Slipper • 4 hours start to finish, using preset Maya textures for the glass 01:01 Abigail OC WIP • 16 hours from concept drawn in Photoshop, projected onto image planes and modeled in Maya using the box modeling method, to the blocked out color rough draft here 01:30 Desk Lamp • 5 hours in Maya start to finish 02:00 Writing Desk • 4 hours to model in Maya 02:18 E-Cigarette • 3 hours start to finish using Maya. Branding for a new local business "Alaska Vapor Supply" to go along with the company Logo I designed

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