Rodrigo Roque

Long Beach, California

About Me

Born with a passion for creativity, I found a love for still photos and motion pictures, but overall storytelling. I found media production to be my calling; however, I believe a person can accomplish many things not just one. Being versatile is something I strive for. One can hold so many thoughts, but the mind is the greatest tool a man can have, so why put it to waste. I try to accommodate my brain with different ideas. If anything, I’m a multimedia facetted mind thinking male. From film, music, fashion, photography, VFX, social media, electronics, etc. Currently as a founder of Fourthcoming Films, I have embarked on an independent path to produce films. So far my goal is too make and distribute good stories, and in the event I actually make it into the industry, I will keep my promise to continue to produce organic films from my pocket, rather than give in to the “Box Office Mojo”.

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