David How

Orlando, Florida

About Me

My name is David How. I am originally from Melbourne, FL. I worked both on the east coast and the west coast in various capacities. I have a B.A. in Digital Media from UCF, A.S. in Graphic Design from Brevard Community College, and will have completed an A.S. degree Film Production Technology from Valencia College in Fall 2015.

I also have experience with the following software:

Apple Final Cut/Motion
Adobe Creative Suite
Adobe Premiere

I as well have experience with the following film equipment:

Professional Television Studio Cameras (both on location/in studio)
Canon 60 D
Canon 7 D
Tungsten Halogen Lighting Instruments (Own 2 800 watt units)
Fresnel Lighting Instruments
HMI Lighting Instruments
Fluorescent Lighting Instruments (Own 3 units totaling 2400 watts)

Number One Chinese
Added on 6/7/2014
John Thomas calls Number One Chinese Laundry. After being hung up on by a rude employee. John thinks back to another similar experience which causes him to re-evaluate his approach.

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