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Feature films experience. Worked in the South Pacific, California, Russia and Germany as Free Lancer doing various gigs mainly as an assistant. My experience ranges from linear workflows with 16mm & 35mm film (cineon) to Red 5K Plates (scaled down to 2 or 3K for compositing). I am a 3D modeler/sculptor, rigger and animator, VFX Artist and compositor as well as cinematographer. My primary workflow consists of using Houdini, Maya, 3dsmax, Cinema 4D, Nuke, After Effects, Mari, Zbrush, Realflow, Bifrost, Naiad, Patrick, 3D Equalizer and Vue. My primary OS is working in Ubuntu (mainly for Houdini), but I work on Mac and Windows Platforms as well depending on the particular workflow. As for editing and color grading/correcting footage, I use FCPX, Premiere, Davinci Resolve, RedCineX and Photoshop. I own a Red Scarlet, Panasonic GH5, Sony A7II with various Lenses (Sony,Zeiss, Canon and Nikon...) in which I primarily work in 4K DCI / UHD or HD. I also do Glide Cam and underwater as well.
Being a part-time screen writer, I have written 5 screenplays to date, 2 of them in the development process for full feature films. I have my own render farm which consists of 2 Dual Xeon Racks and 2 workstations (Mac and PC) all integrated. I'm currently looking for work in any of these areas. I have a website which is currently under construction, and will be adding more compositions soon. If you're looking for someone to help in creating a film or an assistant for filming an event with a cinematic flavor, give me a jingle. Thanks for your time!

I have been in the industry since 2016.

Sharks Plate
Added on 7/16/2014
This is a simple rendered 3D sequence.

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