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Ari Rosenbaum, Make-up Artist, is based in the New York City area. He specializes in Beauty Make-up, Character make-ups for film and TV, as well as special effects make-up applications.

Ari is focused on the art of makeup artistry. Working with the primary elements of design as his foundation, he creates quality art for each individual face. Since his childhood, Ari has been a performer. His experience working as a stage director and graphic designer for art and performance events has led him to be an expert in crafting the best choices for any event, brand or creative vision. He is taking all of these skills with him into his makeup artistry.

Radiance is about letting the inner beauty of the person shine through, and the makeup application should only help to share the story each person wants to tell. Every woman is special and has her own unique story to share with the world; Ari works with each client to amplify these stories.

As a creative collaborator, Ari is working with performance artists, fine artists, experimental film makers and nightlife creatives. Using fantasy, contrast, graphics, and narrative, Ari’s makeup applications are a central component to serve other artists work. These creatures and characters are birthed out of the marriage of two creative minds through classic collaboration practices.

Ari is on the brink of breaking out. He plans to compete in the IMATS circuit in the coming months. He will be continuing his work makeup work by collaborating with artists and performers and will bring these relationships into the film and television industry. His character design experience will give him the skills he needs to bridge the gap between makeup artistry and styling, always focusing on the story of the person being told. Expect big things from him in the future.

I have been in the industry since 2014.

Ari Rosenbaum - Make-up Artist - Reel (2016)
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