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Camera movement, that is what we are all about! Since 1945 Chapman/Leonard Studio Equipment has been supplying camera support equipment to many productions. Since its beginning, Chapman / Leonard has always manufactured and rented camera support equipment for the motion picture and television industry. One of the initial producers to use the first of our automatic leveling location cranes was Cecil B. DeMille in his epic film, "The Ten Commandments," proving Chapman/Leonard's equipment essential for top quality and specialized camera movements. Today Chapman / Leonard Studio Equipment leases and rents camera support equipment worldwide. From feature films, commercials, television series, music videos to infomercials we are here to provide and assist in creating the shots you desire with the utmost safety.

We have been in the industry since 1945.

Chapman/Leonard Showcases Hybrid V Dolly at Cine Gear LA 2019
Added on 6/25/2019
An interview from the 2019 Cine Gear Expo at Paramount Studios in Los Angeles with Frank Requena of Chapman/Leonard Studio Equipment. Chapman/Leonard manufactures custom camera support equipment for all types of motion picture and television productions, specializing in camera cranes, arms, telescoping arms, dollies, pedestals, remote camera and camera stabilizing systems. Chapman/Leonard equipment will save on production time - and therefore on production costs - while enhancing your production capabilities. In this interview Frank talks with us about the Hybrid V Camera Dolly. For more information please visit: http://www.Chapman-Leonard.com

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