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Columbus, Ohio

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Hello, My name is Bryan Bower, I'm an audio freelancer in Columbus Ohio. I have been working as a A1 Live Sound Engineer for over 20 years and have worked full time as a A1 for a local production company Live Technologies LLC for 6 years before coming on board in the freelance world. I am a live sound engineer, (front of house and, or Monitors) and Corporate events and some TV broadcast experience. The digital consoles I'm familiar working with are, Yamaha PM-5D, Yamaha LS-9, Yamaha O1V, Yamaha M-7, CL3, Digidesign Venue, and Midas Pro 1. Also have experience hanging PA, EV line array, EV XLC's, EV X-Array, JBL V-Tech and various smaller cabinets. In addition I can set up video screens, tape cable to the floor, set up drape, hang lights from the truss, and more. I have a passion for what I do, I'm a profession at every job assigned. I make sure the people in the back row or tables can hear the presenter just as well as the people in the very front, and everything is working 100%. I do have available PA and some lighting and video gear I rent out and can send you a list of gear I do have if interested. I look forward being apart of your show in the near future. Thank you for checking out my production hub page.

I have been in the industry since 1994.


4 years Murifield Memorial Golf Turniment, The Golf Channel. City Of Columbus Bartha Media CNN Live Technologies LLC Markey's Audio video


6 leko stage lighting 8 15X2 EV BI-amped stage Monitors Panasonic PT-D3500 projector 9X12 Video Screen front or rear projection 7X8 Video screen front or rear projection 6 EAW Dual 15 subs 8 EAW JF200e speakers, flyable or stick. Yamaha 24 DM1000 mixer 4 channels of Shure UXL G1 band wireless Lav, or Stick Audio-technica AT8035 Shotgun mic with Boom Zoom 4 channel field recorder mixer


2004 Service Excellence Award By Huntington Bank. 5 years of Recognition by Live Technologies LLC Certificate Of Appreciation by the White House Communications Agency.