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Richmond, Virginia

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Madeleine (“Mad”) Cassier is a video editor currently living in Richmond, VA. Bred and raised on a constant stream of media, she acquired a B.A. in Digital Video & Cinema from James Madison University’s prestigious School of Media Arts & Design, with a focused minor in English to better her storytelling. A jack-of-all-trades and go-getter at heart, her love for creative storytelling lets her apply her creative skill sets across not only different job markets, but different continents, having not only interned for an independent film studio in London, but having done editing work for two-time Academy Award winner, Paul Franklin, and providing script insight/assistance to London-based screenwriter, Steve Lally.

In her nonexistent free time, Mad is known to travel solo around Europe and Asia, read and review books both for fun and sometimes for publishers, skate around an ice rink, fling heavy things around at the gym, and spoil her French Bulldog, Peg, absolutely rotten. You can find examples of her work on her website: http://mcassier.com.

I have been in the industry since 2007.

Added on 9/30/2019
Completed in Final Cut Pro X and Adobe After Effects CC

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