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I am a North Carolina artist and have been involved in set design, production design, visual design and have a business that i create graphic and interior design. I live in Mooresville, NC and want to work freelance, contract, full time or part time on movie and television.

I have been in the industry since 2014.

Added on 8/30/2014
LGBTQ CENTER OF CHARLOTTE ART PROJECT - MURAL OUR LIVES, OUR CULTURE, OUR TIME As conceived by The LGBTQ Arts Committee/Charlotte LGBTQ Center Project Mission Statement: We wish to conceive, and execute a wraparound mural on a building in the Central/Plaza area of Charlotte. This mural will be a celebration of the LGBT spirit, with color and love being the foundation of the design. Members of the LGBTQ Center will be involved with the entire process – this will help promote pride within our community. The planned mural will be “an entrance” to our burgeoning LGBTQ neighbor, in Charlotte, NC – by painting this mural, we will be creating a beacon, of a sort, to show people we are proud of whom we are – creatures sharing a planet that want to be loved like anyone else.

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The PAINTED MALE CANVAS A creative journey, a collaborative group of artist – The result, a collection of inspirational and thought provoking images and artwork inspired by our reality, our dream and our community. As a visual artist – I have always been attracted to brilliant colors, almost gaudy. I feel as though the life of the color corresponds to the brilliancy of it. I love Middle Eastern combinations of teal, fuchsia, orange – South America’s use of cerrilium blue, lime green and yellow – the Orients fascination with the beauty of red, the serenity of blue. As a child, tribal painting, body and cave, fascinated me – the organic use of line and shape was simple yet brilliant to me. I love the look of cracked paint on ones skin, it is almost as if the soul was a butterfly emerging from a chrysalis, when one is painted – you see a response of the person being painted return to a childhood exuberance and joy of life. No matter what age, pretending brings out the child in you. I wanted to bring all of these elements together in one project – this project, the human canvas, gives us a chance to be the artist, canvas and observer all at once. The exploration of how colors on the skins surface are just that color – once painted, no matter what color, we all become the same in the unity of paint – a tribe, so to speak. Would it not be amazing, if we all allowed ourselves to be as brilliant without the paint? One world, One tribe – The Human Canvas. Our similarities outweigh the differences.
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