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Fabulous Affairs Events & Cuisine can accommodate ALL foodservice needs for any size production from a one-day commercial or video shoot to a feature film or documentary spanning several weeks or months. We have provided craft and catering for every type & size production since 2014. We understand the importance of punctuality to your bottom line as well as last-minute schedule/location changes. A WELL-FED crew is a HAPPY and PRODUCTIVE crew, so we work hard to make people happy!

We specialize in full-service catering and craft services for crews of all sizes. Onsite or drop off service available in Austin, TX and approx. 75-mile surrounding radius. Vegetarian/vegan/gluten/dairy-free menu options available.

We can arrange everything you need for craft & catering including onsite staff, table/chair/linens/food display & holding equipment rental; please contact us for information and pricing.

Current & past clients include:
- Huffy Bikes commercial shoot in Austin and Pace Bend Park March 2-5, 2020
- CineFont/Leadfeather Productions short film production in Elgin and Austin Feb. 26- March 3, 2020
- Stage 29 LLC CBS Documentary production shoot in and around Austin Dec 2019 -March 2020
- Motive Pepsico-Mountain Dew commercial shoot Austin, TX November 2019
- 1820 Productions TX DPS commercial shoot Georgetown TX August 2019
- Rockhouse Motion Thor Industries commercial shoot Inks Lake and New Braunfels TX May 2019
- Gravy Films 20th Century Fox SXSW Stuber shoot March 2019
- Element Wyndham commercial shoot in Austin Feb 2019
- Paperstreet Pictures Production November 2018
- Pod Save America featuring Beto O'rourke |HBO at Paramount Theater Austin TX October 2018 (please see Youtube link below)
-"Yellow Rose" feature film production August 2018
- Paperstreet Pictures Production August 2018
- Emergent Order production projects in Austin October 2017 & April 2018
- Singular TV at SXSW 2018
- Premier productions Feb 2018 Gaither Tour
- Homeaway Commercial shoot in Austin September 2017
- Riverbend Performance Centre (ongoing catering for visiting performers such as Willie Nelson, Gaither Tour
Bible Tour, and visiting national personalities such as Dave Ramsey)
- SxSW MTV 2016 Woodie Awards (200-500 people daily for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and craft 6 consecutive days)
- Hettema Group four day film shoot at Spiderwood Studios Feb. 2016
- Duffy Williams Texas Documentary Shoot July 2015
- Hack Studios on location cooking video shoot July 2015
- "Into The Who Knows" (feature film shot in Spring of 2015; see link below)
- "Bug " (feature film shot in and around Austin area in November-Dec. 2014.)
- Allstate Insurance (commercial shoot in Austin Area Oct 2014)
- MTV production shoot at the Paramount Oct 2014,
- Sparkhouse (commercial shoot for USSA in Killeen area July 2014)
- Little Dragon (music video shoot in Luling TX March 2014)

We have been in the industry since 1996.

Over 16 years of service in Austin
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