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We specialize in recording and/or webcasting beautiful wedding ceremonies.

Think of this as a
Broadcast Coverage
What we Do is telecast the wedding
You can choose to have us just record the ceremony,
Live Stream it, or Both.

These services should not be confused with wedding keepsake videos that are polished, family heirloom, memory videos usually mastered on Blueray or DVD.
Those types of productions usually involve more emphasis on post-production value,
by adding templates, filters, music, and sometimes pre-recorded stories, high-profile beauty shots, interviews, etc.
We just simply televise your wedding online as it plays out.
(using up to 5 cameras) with a free backup recording.

Multi Cam set up
Added on 1/2/2021
Up to 4 cameras can be placed. Efficient time must be allowed for load-in, set up, and testing. We try to double up on camera angles, meaning if a camera for some reason fails, we have another one right next to it as a backup.

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