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Rob Weidner is technically a freelance camera operator specializing in remote head operations. He owns a Freefly Systems Movi Pro kit with every way of operating it and travels the world for work. Originally from Chicago, Illinois, Rob now resides in Cape Town, South Africa and spends most of his working life on a motion picture, commercial, or music video set. Rob also does aerial cinematography with credits such as Black Panther, Maze Runner, and Our Girl 3. Commercial clients include BMW, Sony, and Woolworths.

I have been in the industry since 2007.

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Added on 11/4/2014

Rob Weidner is creative and enjoys empowering others with his energy. He is passionate and quick to learn new camera systems thanks to his computer science background. Not only can Rob operate a…


Drone Camera Operator – Maze Runner 3: Death Cure

March, 2017 — April, 2017
Feature – Out Of Africa

Camera Operator – Black Panther

September, 2016 — January, 2017
Feature – Marvel Studios

Second Unit A-Cam Focus Puller – Tomb Raider

December, 2016 — March, 2017
Feature – Moonlight Film Services

Second Unit A-Cam Focus Puller – Of Kings and Prophets

July, 2015 — November, 2015
Feature – Disney

Drone Camera Operator – Our Girl 3

April, 2017 — May, 2017
Television – BBC


I'm the Director of Film Studies at DePauw University and a filmmaker, and Rob was the gaffer on my 23 minute film, MUD LOTUS. The fact is he did that and much more. I've worked with many people in many capacities in my life, but I honestly don't know when I've worked with someone who is more competent and energetic, in any field. Whether it was 4pm or 4am, Rob was the same--calm, ready for anything, willing to be the last one there or the first one on the job, solving problems, come what may--every time. I would hire him for anything.

Chris White

Rob is one of those guys who could do anything. And will. Versatile, intelligent, level-headed, fun to work with. But mostly, he puts himself fully into his work, and really nails it. I'd hire him again any day.

Kyle Ham

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