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For over twenty years, I have produced award-winning graphics and set standards of excellence in market sizes 18-40. As a dynamic team leader and participant, I managed production deadlines in graphics for News, Creative Services, Sales and Community Affairs, guiding, producing and editing national and local revenue generating sales projects.

Understanding the current trends in design and graphic production, in the communication industry has made me an asset to the creative team. Today’s world is youth driven. The subculture is The Culture. We are no longer looking at status symbols but status updates. Visuals and experiences have replaced statements. Words are short and to the point. The world of art has exploded with a creative eye and we are on the road through technology to see more of it.

More important is understanding that creating is an open forum. A good open forum can help coordinate a great plan of action.
I have worked on the Community Services side for over 30 years helping develop strategies in marketing and presentations for web, print and on-air. The best form of marketing is strategizing your demographics, alining to client needs and implementing through avenues that communicate deliverables. I possess the knowledge and fortitude to make it a reality.
Open communication I believe is the key to cooperation. All my work is team driven and I believe everybody has a voice. Work should be like school, you should learn something every day.
I have annually surpassed my corporate goals and have used the companies online management courses to improve my critical thinking and creative writing.

I look forward to meeting with you and discussing how I can help to accomplish your projected goals.

I’m also a softball pitcher and a left-handed hitter.

Thank you,

Jim Pinigis
3861 W. Wagon Trail Dr.
Denver, CO. 80123

Linkedin page https://www.linkedin.com/in/jimpinigis

I have been in the industry since 1992.

DR Pinigis
Added on 2/6/2015
A composite of the work I did at KMGH-TV working with News, Creative Services, Sales and Community Affairs.

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