Aaron Eberhardt

Burbank, California

About Me

Through my company, Eberhardt Sound, I have worked actively as a sound mixer for close to 6 years for such companies as FOX Sports, ESPN, Discovery, Nike, Adidas, NBCUniversal, Vice, Lionsgate, Relativity and YouTube, as well as have recently mixed for the critically acclaimed TED conference in Palm Springs, popular web series, non-profit pieces, documentaries, and various cooking shows. From the worst recording situations around from beaches, factories, the I-5, refrigerators, airports to within a raving mob, I have gathered astonishing audio that one could only believe to be recorded in a studio.

My equal experience in post production sound including sound design, mixing, foley, ADR, music recording, effects and dialogue editing has also given me an elaborate understanding of how to record the most crisp sound possible, while keeping in mind any potential obstacles that could be encountered in post production. My post production sound internships include NBCUniversal Sound, Wildfire Post Production Studios, and Alpha Dogs Post Production House.

Above all, working hard whatever the cost, being a team player, keeping actors and clients happy, and giving you the best sound possible are my most important goals as a sound professional.

I have been in the industry since 2012.

Eberhardt Sound Production Reel
Added on 10/29/2014
My ears are always listening as my brain continues to wonder. This video is a compilation of some of my best work as a production sound mixer and represents my ability to gather clean sound despite being in difficult recording situations. Please give me feedback as I love to grow and learn as a professional.

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