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About Us

We’re the top video production company for business purposes & also live conferences. We work with clients of all sizes. We treat you like Gold! Competitive prices. We produce the most effective videos for marketing, websites, social media. Also, video translation, editing, explainer videos.

Serving the Miami, Fort Lauderdale, Palm Beach and Orlando areas. We also specialize in video production for training, public relations, medical, manufacturing, web videos, and live event video production (conferences, conventions, meetings, and events). Other services include:

- Editing Services offered nationally.
- Video and film translation services including subtitles and dubbing.
- Studio design and integration services.

We've been in business since 2002, serving small businesses, mid-size businesses, and large international corporations. We also serve the medical community with specialty crews.

What makes us different

We're the only company from Miami to Orlando with extensive business, marketing, and training knowledge and education. This means we can help your business succeed by producing videos that work for you while staying within your budget!

What makes us different starts with Greg Ball, President of Ball Media Innovations.

Before starting this company Greg ran Burger King World Headquarter's Worldwide Video Communications Department for over 13 years. He created successful videos seen all around the world. In addition to completing MBA level courses, he's served countless companies of all sizes as well as various medical and non-profit organizations.
We are able to strategize to get the best possible results for you while staying within your budget.

We have comprehensive knowledge and experience creating successful videos for sales, social media, training, PR, marketing, conferences, speaker support, advertising, corporate communications, human resources, fundraising, employee motivation, franchisee relations, live events, etc.

The recognition Greg has received includes:

- Being voted into the “Top 100 Producers” in the national magazine, Video Systems.

- Telly Award.

- Being featured in top industry trade magazines such as Markee Magazine and Create Magazine.
Greg is also a featured expert writer on the topic of video production for business.com, blogherald.com, and provideocoalition.com.

Our teams make us very different.

We only use highly experienced professionals. We don't cut corners by using less expensive or less experienced crew members or artists. You'll always have proven pros working on your projects. Some of the best in the industry. Always.

The team at Ball Media is extremely easy to work with. We give you top-notch customer service. Our clients really enjoy working with us because we consistently go the extra mile. We keep open, clear, quick, and respectful communication. In South Florida, this is a rarity.

We have been in the industry since 2002.

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