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Penryn, California

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I am a recent graduate from the Art Institute of California - Sacramento with a BS in Digital Film and Video Production. My life revolves around making narrative movies with my friends, but I would rather it revolve around a career.
My favorite roles on set (in order) are : Gaffer, Director, DP, Set Audio, 1st AC, DIT, Key Grip. Although as long as I am on set I am happy and hard working. It does not matter the role to me nearly as much as the project itself; what it is trying to portray, and how it makes people feel.
I have learned all aspects of filmmaking from scriptwriting to final color correction, and I find that I excel in production. On set I do my job, ask questions through the correct chain of command, and strive to pay attention to detail. I enjoy working extensively in order get the shot correctly the first time. I do not believe in "down time" on set (there is always preparing, cleaning, or shooting to be done).
That being said I am personable. I do not make enemies, I am non-confrontational but instead prefer to solve problems through crucial conversations that get straight to the point. I do not let my personal beliefs ever sway my decisions, but instead look only at the facts.

Thank you for taking the time to read this short FAQ, and I hope that you have a wonderful day!
-Austin Duncan

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