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Dop is the pioneers of flying cameras on remotely piloted aircraft with 15 yrs on set experience. Our team is highly sought after for their ability to coordinate with the production to nail the money shots on the first take. We have traveled the globe with our gear and have a very small footprint for such a large production value. Our FAA licensed pilot and multiple, redundant machines ensure that your production will occur without a hitch. We are knowledgeable, professional, punctual and pride ourselves on good business ethics and morals as well as very hard work ethics. DOP offers various payloads and cameras up to 15 pounds. This includes the Red Epic, Red Scarlett, Red Dragon and Arri Amira.

We have been in the industry since 2004.

Aerial Demo Reel 2014
Added on 2/6/2015

This is a reel featuring some of the projects we were involved in during 2014.


Drones of Prey have been a wonderful team to work with from beginning to end. They're flexible and easy to deal with in the pre-production stages, including explaining and updating us on the FAA requirements / exemption. And in the field they're awesome. Not only are they super talented, but they have a great ability to make sure everyone around them is calm and understands what they're doing with the drone. They're responsible, creative, and bring back stunning footage. They always shoot until you have the best possible shots and strive for perfection. I highly recommend them for any type of work you might have. Not only will you get the ease of dealing with them, but you also will be more than satisfied / elated with their work.

DOP have been amazing to work with from the get-go. From the footage to dealing with the crew has been a pleasure and I hear nothing but great feedback from our separate field crews that they work with. They are very patient at dealing with the public who are interested in what they are doing. These guys really understand and listen to direction when you are trying to achieve a certain look or shot. They also take and give good feedback. I would highly recommend these guys if you are looking for those stunning, stable and creative beauty shots!

Shona Sandhagen

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