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DP/Operator (Alexa, Amira, Red, C300, 1DC, Varicam) and Director based in Denver, CO. In my years in the industry I have learned how to mix creativity with craftsmanship. Whether I am shooting an NFL game or a corporate event, I understand that there is a story that dictates the process in which I operate. My goal is to never be a distraction but to use the tools of production to convey a meaningful message. This has led me to be passionate in every facet of the storytelling process so that I might better understand their relationships. I have directed music videos, edited films, gripped on corporate shoots, DP'd commercials, shot Red Bull events, and operated on features. Using the camera has become my most prominent passion due to both the technical challenge and creative freedom it offers. I thrive in collaborative and professional environments, making film sets a natural home for me. Ultimately, however, this is a job. The business of media is a complicated one, but one that I am mindful of every time I pick up a camera. Making images and telling stories is simply my trade, yet also something that I hope can be meaningful to others. Thanks for reading and I hope to work with you soon.

I have been in the industry since 2010.

Sam Ryan // Camera Reel
Added on 3/23/2015

Demo reel for Camera Operating and DP work. All shots operated by Sam Ryan. Cameras shot on: Arri Alexa Red One Red Epic Sony FS700 Canon C300 Canon 1DC Canon 5Dmkiii Panasonic P2

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