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Los Angeles, California

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The RED Store located at RED Studios Hollywood offers customers the opportunity to learn and interact with RED cameras, accessories, and workflow.

Retail Store
Hands-on Product Interaction
Technical Support
Drop-off/Pick-Up Location
Accessory Repair
Studio Services
RED ONE Repair Services
DSMC Repair
Transfer of Ownership
DRAGON Interchangeable OLPF Modification
.R3D File Data Recovery

In 2006, RED DIGITAL CINEMA was born in a bunker in Southern California. The idea was simple - design and build a high-performance digital cinema camera with quality of 35mm film and the convenience of pure digital. In just over a year, the idea once called a "scam" and "vaporware" became a reality as the RED ONE started to be delivered to the world in August 2007. Since that time, RED DIGITAL CINEMA has maintained that "obsolescence is obsolete" - and has delivered with new features via free firmware updates, workflow software, and an ever-expanding product line. As a logical progression, RED DIGITAL CINEMA purchased Ren-Mar Studios in 2010 and re-named it RED STUDIOS HOLLYWOOD.

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