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Seasoned director, executive producer, producer, writer, marketer, cinematographer, and editor. I have complete knowledge of the entire filmmaking process. Have taken films from script to theatrical release. Personal relationships at high level companies in Hollywood. Have had films I have made become official selections at festivals such as Tribeca Film Festival, Sitges, and San San Sebastian film festivals. I have worked directly with the head of Al Gore's network (Dave Newman) formerly known as Current TV to produce documentary segments for broadcast. I have created promotional artwork for multiple successful project and am proficient in Final Cut Pro, Pro Tools, Photoshop, Pre- Production, Principle Photography, Post Production, and sound mixing. I understand budgets and how to get projects done on time and on or under budget. Grown social media profiles to over 500,000 fans in short spans of time. I offer my vast knowledge of the business that has been gathered over a 20 year period in Los Angeles.

- Lead all phases of video production of projects.
- Oversee hiring of all key positions in pre-production and crew deal memos
- Creation of Budget and securing equipment at lowest cost to complete production effectively.
- Oversee Casting process and hiring of talent and contractual negotiations
- Assist with securing locations and permits
- Operate camera and assist with gaffing duties and directions. Organize unload and pack up for location moves.
- Operate a variety of cameras including Red One Epic, Thompson Viper, and Nikon d800 .
- Direct talent and scenes in script. Direct makeup artist, SPX artist, and stuntmen and women to achieve the best representation of the productions goal and storyboards.
-Setup post production work flow and time-line. Both the technology and organization of talent for -ADR, sound design, editors and producer screening sessions for notes.
- Perform advanced film editing using Final Cut Pro and Avid systems.
- Output of final product for domestic and foreign distribution. Creation of M&E tracks from post sound etc.
- Assist with marketing material creation, trailer, social media campaigns, festivals, and negotiate best distribution deals with sales reps.
-Oversee distribution deals for films and carry out delivery to media outlets, e.g. iTunes, Amazon, and Netflix.

Trivia about Matt
Was taught the editing craft by Robert Brown who was the editor of famous movies such as Lethal Weapon, Police Academy, Lost Boys, and Amityville Horror.
Was deputized by the Police Athletics League for his work in Meth Abuse Prevention.
Was unable to accept a title role in the TNT series Witchblade due to a conflict of scheduling while screen testing for the role of Anakin Skywalker in Star Wars for George Lucas.

Iowa – Official Selection – Tribeca Film Festival - 2005
Iowa – Winner – Midwest Independent Film Festival - 2005
Iowa – Theatrical Release – 2006
Iowa – Worldwide, Non US Distribution – 2007
Iowa – US distribution – 2007

NACO National Meeting – 2005
Boys and Girls Clubs of America
Texas - 2007
Alaska – 2007
Boys and Girls Clubs of America – Deputized by Police Athletic League for Work in Drug Prevention – Miami – 2009

Dying for Meth – 2008 – Prism Award – Public Service Announcement alongside ABC and NBC
Dying for Meth – Endorsed by:
National Criminal Justice Association
Boys and Girls Clubs of America
Worldwide Release on Al Jeezera Network (formerly Current TV) – 2009

The Orphan Killer – Official Selection – Sitges Film Festival (Spain), San Sabastian Film Festival (Spain), Best Picture Terror Molin De Rei (Spain), Winner – Pioneer in Filmmaking and Marketing Award – TOHorror Film Fest (Italy), Official Selection Morbido Film Festival (Mexico)
Over 3M digital downloads
Over 500K Facebook Fans
Worldwide Digital Distribution – iTunes, Amazon
Worldwide Distribuion of Official Mask of Orphan Killer – Trick or Teat Studios

Bound X Blood – Sequel to The Orphan Killer – Release April 2018

I have been in the industry since 1999.

Added on 8/16/2017
A cautionary tale of love, crime, fantasy and addiction that follows two young Iowan lovers who decide to go into the "batch" business - cooking their own methamphetamine - only to watch it burn a searing hole in their lives. Official Selection Tribeca Film Festival. Tribeca Film Festival 2005 Nominated Jury Award Best Narrative Feature Matt Farnsworth


Director – Iowa

December, 2004 — December, 2005
Feature –

Editor – Iowa

December, 2004 — December, 2005
Feature –

Producer – Iowa

Feature –

Writer – Iowa

Feature –

Director – Dying For Meth

Feature –

Editor – Dying For Meth

Feature –

Producer – Dying For Meth

Feature –

Cinematographer – Dying For Meth

Feature –

Cinematographer – The Orphan Killer

Feature –

Cinematographer – Bound X Blood

Feature –

Writer – The Orphan Killer

Feature –

Director – The Orphan Killer

Feature –

Editor – The Orphan Killer

Feature –

Producer – The Orphan Killer

Feature –

Writer – Bound X Blood

Feature –

Director – Bound X Blood

Feature –

Actor (lead) Esper Harte – Iowa

Feature –

Editor – Bound X Blood

Feature –

Actor (series regular) Brett – 7th Heaven

December, 1999 — December, 2000
Television – WB

Actor – Any Day Now (4 episodes) Luke

December, 1998 — December, 1999
Television – Lifetime Network

Actor – Jag

December, 2001 — December, 2001
Television – TNT network

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